I am many things. I have many faces. I have many interests.

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I was a medical student at the University of the Philippines Manila until I realized it wasn’t for me. I loved studying about medicine, figuring out what a patient’s disease is, and planning the course of treatment, but when it came to actual hospital work and patient interaction (and there was A LOT), I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t me. My love for anything related to health still burns though. I’ve been a research assistant for several health projects for two years now and would very much like to continue to work in the health field.


I graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. College was so fun! We had the freedom to choose our subjects (aside from the core and required courses of course) and even the schedule and teacher. I loved that about UP. There was a genuine curiosity and interest in learning. I hope to impart the same to you.


I love singing with a choir. I’ve been an Alto for many years. My first choir has been the Filhai Youth Choir, our parish choir back home. I’ve been singing with the group since 2003. We sing every first Sunday of the month. We’ve started as an awkward bunch of kids trying to blend and now, I’m proud to say we’ve found our sound. My other choirs were 1) the SHS Chorale, an all-girls choir in high school, 2) Vox Lucis, a choir based in our village as well, 4) UP Vocal Ensemble, my college choir, and 5) MedChoir, my choir when I was studying medicine.

I also studied the piano for 7 years. I’m not a virtuoso pianist but I know a thing or two and can play some pieces. I’ll share some of my covers from time to time.

Data Analysis

As I said earlier, I’ve been a research assistant and so I’ve been exposed to the ways of research, from protocol writing, data gathering, data analysis, to report writing. What I loved most about it is actually the data analysis part. I plan to share some insights on this as well.

Arts, Culture, Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Design

These are my other interests and would love to curate for you things that inspire me and that I find interesting.


So that’s it!

I am many things. I have many faces. I have many interests, but in the end, I’m just me. I’m Regina Abola and welcome to my blog.

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