Code Blue: One Year

Ventricular tachycardia’s just a term in 205,

until your father goes into an attack one night.

Hematoma’s just a common bruise,

until your grandfather gets a burr hole surgery for it.

Depression’s just poetic sadness,

until DSM tells you it’s not.


One week.

One month.

One year.


Who would have known,

these would all happen in a short span of time?

Who would have known,

it was possible to survive it all?


It’s difficult, of course.

Trying, I assure you.

But it does get easier.

It does get consoling.

You have friends after all.

A family.

A special someone.


And I daresay, that is enough.


Strength, you build.

Hope, you gain.

And faith that you think you lost,

you find again.


They say that on my birthday, the world will end.

An apocalypse? Hardly. I just surpassed it.


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